We’ve all seen the omnipresent # sign in front of social media posts. You may think that it’s just a trendy sign, but it has a whole other objective as to why and how we use it. 

Meet Hashtag.

The Hashtag is a social identifier, starting with a (#) sign, a word or phrase which creates a tag to identify digital content on a specific topic. It is a great tool to build your brand on social media sites, where your audience can find you, connect with you, and create a conversation around you.

How to use a Hashtag? 

While writing a hashtag, you write the term or phrase without any spaces and use a hash(#) symbol in front of it. For example #samplehashtag, this is how your hashtags should look like. You can include numbers if necessary but punctuations and special symbols are not allowed, also your hashtags should be very relevant to your post content so that your post can be categorized by the social media algorithm and shown when searches are made related to it. These hashtags can be included within the post or in case of a photo or video posts, these can be included in the post description or caption. 

How to create a hashtag?

Imagine yourself in the shoes of someone who wants to see your post, what would they search for? Use a hashtag generator tool to come up with them, feed in the topics and you will get the related hashtags.

  1. Keep them short
  2. Use a mix of broad and niche hashtags
  3. Jump on a hot topic and generate conversations around your brand
  4. Keep them relevant to your brand massaging and image
  5. Proofread for no grammatical errors
  6. Create hashtags for specific events
  7. Engage with other hashtags to create community engagement

To sum it up, when used correctly, hashtags can put you directly in front of your target audience, at the same time start a conversation where relevant audiences can discuss the same thing. With businesses getting more and more connected digitally, hashtags are surely the best way to grow your business without spending a penny.