Both these networks not only excel at delivering results but dominate the industry. Facebook’s feed or Google’s search system is the place to be, to reach consumers. Facebook has nearly 3 billion users as of now, and google touches most of our lives via search, email and other online interactions.

The question is which platform to choose if you are on a limited budget - Facebook ads or Google ads or both?

Let’s begin with why having an online presence is important.

Time spent by an average person browsing or googling has grown exponentially and has become part of our daily routines with smartphones and personal computers now embedded into our daily lives.

We are not only more connected through social media but more demanding in our search for information, products and services. For consumers to have access to you, you need to be there as an option. And hence the need for online advertising. Google and Facebook help you in building awareness for your brand, driving consumers to you, and bringing in more sales.

Now let us go on to understand Facebook Ads.

We use Facebook to network, connect with friends, post updates, buy and sell on the marketplace. Even though there is no intent to buy, you can target audiences based on their preferences. You can show your new range of pet cookies to pet owners who are more likely to buy, than splash it onto the feed of all 3 billion users of Facebook.

FB allows you to target users based on demographics, hobbies, favorite music, movies, and get more defined with the option of lookalike audiences. Not to forget retargeting people who have visited your website in the past.

Facebook ads help you in

  • Driving brand awareness
  • Generate more leads, resulting in more people visiting your store
  • More traffic to your website

If you are still not convinced to advertise on FB, think

  • Everyone you know is on Facebook
  • Every brand around you is on or going to be on Facebook
  • Cherry on the top, it is one of the cheapest ways of advertising online

Time to get to know the other juggernaut - Google Ads

Google is the leader of search engines with more than 75% of market share. It isn’t too hard to imagine the number of eyeballs it gets, but how does it help you? Through their Search, Display ads and google shopping network.

Search shows up your ads at the top of search results, Display shows your ads on websites, and Google shopping network as the name suggests e-commerce-based ads that pop up during high-intent searches.

Google Ads help you in 

  • Selling products online
  • Location-based advertising - GMB
  • Adding more clients through specific keywords search

Still not sold on Google Ads, think

  • High intent customers search for specific products/services
  • Of course, brand awareness

Time to answer the big question, which one to choose? It all comes down to your business objectives and budget.

Facebook is the place if you want brand awareness or the most number of followers.

Google Ads to sell products one-on-one

Sales, leads, awareness and the whole gamut go for both. If you are starting anew, build with Facebook and complete with google ads. When a user sees your brand on FB and gets interested they look it up on Google to know more about you. 

Once you start getting those numbers in from both platforms, you can start tweaking to see what works best for you!