What is Digital Marketing?

It is all forms of marketing that are done over the internet where businesses use paid media, social media, emails, search engine optimization, and content to connect with customers. Its popularity rose with the adoption of smartphones, and with the pandemic of the past two years where our daily screen time increased. 

Simple examples of how to market digitally

  • Promoting products through social media
  • Ads that appear on top of your search results
  • Newsletters over emails
  • How to videos explaining your product/service


Why go digital?

You have the ability to choose target audiences, automate campaigns, get complete analytics, and details of interactivity with an affordable budget in digital marketing.

“Instead of one-way interruption, web marketing is about delivering useful content at just the right moment that a buyer needs it.” -David Meerman Scott

Automation and sophisticated targeting

Automation makes marketing scalable, and targeting in digital form is unlike the way it is done in traditional form, it is highly nuanced. This is the biggest difference between both forms of marketing. All customers are different and should be considered so.

  1. Results can be measured

You can get detailed insights with demographic breakdowns from the onset of the campaign, thanks to the built-in analytical features available on digital platforms.

  1. Good ROI

Fewer steps, and lesser people involvement makes digital marketing lean and thus leading to better Return on investment (ROI).

  1. Insta-Interactions with users

There are numerous avenues for users to interact instantly with no wait time.  The number of hours spent online by internet users makes digital marketing a natural choice in this day and age.

What Is Traditional Marketing?

Advertising that is without using digital media is traditional marketing as in TV, radio, newspaper, billboards, and flyers, and has been there forever. It still gives serious competition to digital thanks to the massive number of people it can reach, the ones who still shop offline. 

Why use traditional?

With our decreasing levels of patience and the need for instant results, we might ignore the good in traditional advertising. But it has its advantages.

  1. Works best for older demographics

Its familiarity and accessibility is what resonates with older demographics. And a certain set toggles between both traditional and digital marketing

  1. Long-standing success rate

The big companies still advertise on tv, and billboards, which means it is effective or else they wouldn’t be spending big bucks on all those commercials.

  1. Effective local reach

For local community offerings, newspapers, and flyers can be the single most effective channel over digital/email advertising.

Using Digital and Traditional Marketing

Though digital is where we are all heading, traditional marketing still has its place. If you have the budgets, try to combine both to amplify your results. To get the most out of your results try to synergize digital and traditional marketing.