With more than 2.6 billion active users all over the world, Facebook brings in a lot of potential reach which is beneficial for your brand. Facebook also provides a variety of targeting options which helps in selecting the right type of audience who are genuinely interested in your product. But hold on, before starting with Facebook advertisements, let us understand the merits and demerits of using them.  


Wide Customer Reach

Facebook is the most popular social media network in terms of scale, with over 2.6 billion monthly active users and growing by the day. Because of its different demographics and audience segment, Facebook is the ideal approach to reach a huge number of individuals with your message. Advertising on Facebook is similar to displaying an ad banner in front of a targeted audience who are likely to be interested in your product/service.


While using Facebook advertisements, there is immense scope for creativity that can be implemented in various ads. We can use the different interactive concepts to engage with the audience and showcase ads that help them to engage with the brand. You have options to choose from - carousel ads or video ads to tell stories about a brand or product and keep the user engaged.

Measuring the Conversions

In Facebook advertising with the help of a pixel tracker, we can track down the activity of an individual after they see your ads. By adding a Facebook Pixel to the pages on your site where conversions occur, you can observe who converts as a result of viewing your Facebook advertising. This data can be further used by marketers to retarget the audience who have already shown interest in your brand. Thus, remarketing helps in further optimizing the targeting.


Facebook is one of the most cost-effective advertising platforms, thanks to its numerous targeting choices. When compared to networks like LinkedIn, where advertising expenses may average Rs 500-600 per day, you can have your ad up and running for as little as Rs 200 per day (depending on the purpose of your campaign).


A reassuring part of Facebook advertising is that you have complete control over your campaign and budget. Keep track of the development of your Facebook campaign so you know precisely how much you are spending and what you are getting in return. You can also utilize the information from Facebook Insights to compare the performance of your paid ads and organic posts and make strategic targeting decisions for future advertising.

Flexible Targeting

An advertiser's priority should be to target specific consumers rather than the entire public. Facebook's targeting capabilities are significantly stronger, allowing marketers to target audiences based on their interests and demographics. When creating an account on Facebook, users must provide basic information such as their location and date of birth, which is stored in the database. Therefore using the right type of targeting could yield fantastic results for your brand.


High competition

Because of Facebook's enormous popularity, advertisers from all over the world want to use it to promote their products. Nowadays, competition is so fierce that it's difficult to find a business that doesn't advertise on Facebook. When you debut a new ad, it's likely that your competition will run an identical ad. As a result, unless your ads are exceptional and innovative, you will not be able to compete with your competitors.


Keeping your Facebook profile up to date and advertising on it might be considered a challenging chore. Additionally, maintaining does not imply obtaining a large number of followers. It necessitates regular responses to their questions via comment sections. Furthermore, it is not just about one specific advertisement. Advertisers must put up significant effort into each and every advertisement.

Invalid clicks

Not all of the clicks generated by Facebook ads are real. Some individuals build phony accounts in order to click on your advertising frequently despite having no interest in them. Fake accounts aren't usually the source of illegal clicks, sometimes non-human traffic, such as bots and scrapers, can also be a source.

Ad Blocks

Advertising does not appear to be popular among all Facebook users. They annoy the younger generations in particular. Those individuals use ad blockers on their web browsers to prevent ads. Your advertising will no longer be shown to them, no matter how well they match your demographics.

Similar to any advertising platform, Facebook has its own demerits. However, the advantages of using Facebook easily outweigh them. As a business owner, you will benefit more from using Facebook advertisements than if you do not. Therefore, in order to run an advertisement on Facebook both advantages and disadvantages must be considered. To know more about Facebook advertisements, Connect with us……